The Evans Family

Cliff Evans was born 14 July 1913 in Resolven, Wales.

He wasa Welsh professional rugby league footballer of the 1930s and 1940s. He played at representative level for Wales, and at club level for Salford, and Leeds, as a centre, stand-off/five-eighth, or scrum-half/halfback. Evans was one of the players who successfully toured in France with Salford in 1934, during which the Salford team earned the name "Les Diables Rouges"

During the war years, Cliff married Mary Merrick, on of the original teachers of St Luke's. Mary was the daughter of William Merrick, one of the school's Foundation Managers (Board of Governors). Now Mary Evans, she resigned from her position as teacher ay then of the 42-43 school year. 

After the war, he briefly became a teacher at St Luke's school, possibly in late 1945 or 46. Cliff Evans resigned as teacher at the end of 1948. The School Managers received his resignation "with regret". 

Cliff Evans staged a few theatrical productions with the children and the Evans family were very involved in music and theatre in the parish.



Cliff then took up a position as team coach at Swinton before moving to St. Helens and finally Salford from where he retired in December 1973.


Cliff's wife was active in the church choir and directed the choir who sang beautifully during the new church's opening ceremony on 25 February 1969. 

The new Jardine ppe organ, specially designed for the church, gave us a grandeur of sound never before heard at St Luke's

Mrs Evans gets a mention again in October 1972 when she organised the music for a folk mass with the choir.

The couple's daughters attended Adelphi House school up the the mid 70's after which the family moved away from the area

Cliff Evans died in July 1982 in Wiltshire


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