Children's Liturgy

Twenty-sixth Sunday of the Year

 “Take my hands”

Every day of our lives we have to make choices. Sometimes we make the wrong choice,and do something we shouldn’t. Remember that whenever we have had a change of heart, Jesus is always ready to give us another chance to put things right. By making the right choices in our lives, we will be welcomed into the Kingdom of God.


Dear Lord Jesus help me do,

Help me find my way to you.

Help me choose not bad but good,

As you tell me, Lord I should.

Help me do no wrong, but right,

Shining always with your light.

Gospel Reading

St Matthew


Jesus told this story to some very important people:

‘Once upon a time there was a man who had two sons. He went to his first son and said, “My boy, I want you to go and work on my farm today.” The boy answered, “ I will not go and work on your farm today.” Afterwards he was sorry for what he had said, and he went to work on the farm. The father then went to his second son and said,” My boy, I want you to go and work on my farm today.” The boy answered and said, “Yes, I will go father and work on the farm.” But he did not go. Which of the two sons did what their father wanted?” “The first son of course” said the important high priests.

Jesus replied to them,”The people you call sinners will enter God’s kingdom before any of you, because they listened and believed what John the Baptist had told them. You would not listen and believe, and your hearts have not changed.”


This is the gospel of the Lord.


     Did the older son do what the father wanted straight away? - At first he chose to do what he wanted and not what he knew was right. Later he felt bad about his choice, and had a change of heart.

     What did the second son do? - Although he agreed to go and work , he chose to ignore what his father had asked , and do what he wanted instead.

     Why did Jesus compare the first son with the people the high priests called sinners? - These people had made bad choices in their lives and done the wrong thing, but they listened to John the Baptist and realised they had done wrong. They too had a change of heart and tried to do what is right.

     Why were the high priests like the second son? - They heard John the Baptist’s message but had not listened to it. They were not ready to admit they had made wrong choices in their lives, or to ask for God’s forgiveness.


The message of this parable is that even if we get things wrong and make foolish choices, God will always give us a second chance to make things right again. If we have a change of heart and make the right choices in our lives we will be welcomed into the kingdom of God.

Closing Prayer

Lord, when I choose the way to go,

Help me choose the good way.

When I choose the things to say,

Help me say what you’d say.

Help me always do what’s right;

Keep me always in your sight.


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