Children's Liturgy

3rd Sunday of Lent

          Another Chance”

Sometimes when we are ready to give up, we decide to give something one more chance and then find that we finally succeed ! God is always ready to give us another chance, even when we get things wrong time and time again. When we ask for his forgiveness, he is ready to help us to make a fresh start.

Listen to this story

Zacchaeus was a tax collector who cheated people out of their money. No-one liked him and he had no friends; but Jesus was ready to forgive Zacchaeus and to offer his friendship. Zacchaeus had a change of heart, and was sorry for his dishonesty and selfishness. He promised Jesus that he would change his ways, and try hard to be kind and loving to everyone.


Praise and glory, Jesus Christ.

You help us grow as trees do,

Grow like good fruitful trees.

You help us grow as trees do.

Gospel Reading

A reading from the Good News given to us by St Luke.

Glory to you, Lord.


One day Jesus told this story: A man had a fig tree planted in his garden. When he came looking for figs on it there weren’t any. A year later the man came looking for figs on the tree, but there weren’t any. The third year he came looking for figs on it, but there weren’t any. The man sent for the gardener who looked after the garden and said to him, ‘Look here, for three years now I have been coming to look for figs on this tree and have never found one. Cut it down! Why should it be taking up good space?’ The gardener said. ‘Leave it for one more year, just one more year. I will dig around it, and put in some manure. If it grows figs next year that will be good. If not, you can cut it down.’


This is the Gospel of the Lord.

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.


     Who were the people in the story? And what kind of tree was in the garden?

     What did the man who owned the garden want?

     For how many years did he come back to look for figs from his tree?

     How many figs grew on the tree?

     What did the man want to do with the tree because it grew no figs?

     Whom did the man send for ?

     What did the gardener say?

     What did the man and the gardener agree to do ?

Closing Prayer

Lord take my hand and show me the way.

Help me to get up when I fall

and to try again,

knowing that you will always give me

another chance.


  • In the accompanying activity sheet write or draw on the leaves what you will do this Lent. When you plant a seed you will notice how it starts to grow and develop. You need to give a seed water and sunshine to help it grow. Think about all the food you eat - how much of it is grown? Where does it come from?

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