Children's Liturgy

Fourteenth Sunday of the Year

“Be Like Children”

Sometimes grown ups seem very clever and to know all the answers. Today Jesus tells us that it wasn’t always the clever people who first understood him; often it was those who had child like hearts.

We do not have to be wise and clever to know God. We can see the beauty of his creation all around us. Children can often see the truth and love of God more than adults because children are innocent, relying on their childlike instincts of trust and simplicity in order to tap into Gods wonderful world of love and peace. Just as a young child is dependent on its parents for nourishment and love, we can rely on God to share our problems and worries with, knowing that He will take care of all our needs.

Gospel Acclamation

“Loving Lord Jesus, thank you for always being there to help us when we need you. We have come to hear you.”

Gospel Reading

GOSPEL. (Written by St Matthew)

One day Jesus said, “Praise be to you. Father, for you have not chosen to reveal yourself to the clever and the wise, but to people who see the world through child-like eyes. You have shared your wisdom with those filled with innocence and simplicity”. Then Jesus said, “Come to me with your worries and troubles and I will take care of you. I am kind and gentle and I will help you to find real peace. Put my yoke on your shoulders and learn from me. Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden light.”


  • How would you describe the qualities of a young child? – Completely trusting, honest, loving, uncomplicated.

  • We do not stay children forever; each of you will grow up to be an adult. Jesus was telling us that he wanted us to keep those child like qualities of goodness when we become grown – ups.
  • What did Jesus tell us to do with our cares and troubles?
  • What must we do to find our way to the kingdom of God? – We must try to live openly and honestly with a deep love of God and our neighbour.
  •  It is not easy, we all make mistakes. But God is Our Father and we are his children. We can trust Him to take care of us and show us the way.

Closing Prayer

Listen to me little ones, and you will please God.

If your lives are to be filled

With happiness and joy,

Turn away from wickedness and lies;

Surround yourselves with goodness

And try with all your hearts

To share the peace of God with others.


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