Photos through the years

A selection of photos through the years that have been sent to us. As we expand our stories of the parish, we're sure these photo will make their way into these stories


October 1958 Wedding of Mr & Mrs Michael &  Barbara (nee Hodges) Clancey with Father Vincenet O'Shaughnessy (of St Robert's, Fr Thomas O'Shaughnessy's brother) and Altar Boys. Head Altar boy Michael O'Connor,


SocialCommittee (parish group) taken at a dinner dance, Buile Hill Park in the early 1970s. L-r Winnie Melia, Peter Wilson, Maureen Jennings, Fr Brown, Fr Pilkington, Eric Burke, Betty Brierley & Ben Foley.

 The Brownie pack was the first at St Luke’s c1974

L-R Cathy Rainford, Michelle Prince, Jane Burke, Joanne Cunliffe, Barbara Lynch

Second Row L-R Caroline Robinson, Angela Jones, Angela Rossiter, Alison Davies, Janet Reece

Brown Owl (centre) Helen Lynch.

The other 2 ladies were visitors & Fr Brown of course!

Parish History Group

If you would like to help research the history of the Parish or have any stories or photos then please get in touch. or speak to Paul Ashton, Stephanie McDonough or Pat Murray

We have some specific requests for information

  • Photos of our Assistant Priests/Curates
  • Photos and stories of the Charter Players
  • Photo
    • Fr J Leo McGinnell
    • James O'Garr  (1891-1979)
    • Billy Brady Sr
  • Servicemen of WWII (your parents/grandparents/great-grandparents ?)
  • Early photos of Ss Peter and Paul