Ss Peter & Paul Parish Priests

Parish Priests, assistants amd other priests staying at the parish

Fr Leo McGinnell (PP 1956-1964)

Fr John O’Keeffe (PP 1964-1984)

Fr Michael Phelan (PP 1984-1988)

Fr Peter Kitchen (PP 1988-2008)

Fr Peter Kinsella (PP 2008-2013)

Canon Tony McBride (PP 2013-2018)

1957 Fr Bernard Begley (Chaplain to Hope Hospital)

1957-1958 Fr Arthur Keegan (Temp Chaplain to Hope Hospital)

1960 Fr Bernard McGarry (Teaching practice at Salford Grammar)

1962 Fr JP O’Connell (Lodging - 2 1/2 weeks)

1962 Fr T Murray (resident elsewhere Chaplain to St Lawrence's School)

1964 Fr Frank McCauley (Temporary curate)

1965-1968 Fr Cornelius Sayers (Chaplain to the Irish of Salford & Eccles)

1968-1969 Fr Michael Loftus (Chaplain to the Irish of Salford & Eccles)

1969-1971 Fr John McKeown (Curate)

1973-1974 Fr Michael Watson (Curate)

1980-1984 Fr Anthony Gallagher (Chaplain to De La Salle)

Parish History Group

If you would like to help research the history of the Parish or have any stories or photos then please get in touch. or speak to Paul Ashton, Stephanie McDonough or Pat Murray

We have some specific requests for information

  • Photos of our Assistant Priests/Curates
  • Photos and stories of the Charter Players
  • Photo
    • Fr J Leo McGinnell
    • James O'Garr  (1891-1979)
    • Billy Brady Sr
  • Servicemen of WWII (your parents/grandparents/great-grandparents ?)
  • Early photos of Ss Peter and Paul