Irlams o'th' Height

There has been a settlement at Irlams o' th' Height for many centuries. It was first recorded in the parish of Eccles in 1180 and it is widely accepted that the name derives from the Irlam family  that ran the Pack Horse Inn during the 17th and 18th centuries. The existing Pack Horse pub was built in 1934 to replace a pub of the same name.

On top of the Irwell Valley, the village was originally named  as it was on higher ground than the rest of Pendleton i.e. "The Height").

The village became prosperous in the 19th century due to the Industrial Revolution, and became a well-established community of handloom weavers.

Ordnance Survey Map 1989


The Height was served by horse drawn trams. On 21st November 1901 the 1st electric tram ran from Chapel Street to Irlams O'th' Height.

9th March 1935 the branch lines to Swinton & Pendlebury from Irlams O'th' Height were closed which was beginning of the closures thet were slowed only by the outbreak of World War II. Below is the tram terminus in 1938


The Height 1913


Irlams o'th' Height railway station was opened in 1st July 1901. It was actually at the bottom of Bank Lane which was actually just over the border in Pendlebury. The Height railway station during the 1st World War manned by women workers. Here on the photo are the station master and 2 porters . The station was closed in 5 March 1956


Whit Walks at The Height in 1922, the year that St Luke's parish was created, therefore these will be the congregations of the other churches of the area


 The Height 1930


The Height late 1960's

Conservation Area

Part of Irlams o'th'Height  is a conservation area which centres on Queen Street, King Street and Claremont Road which form part of the early street pattern. A total of 30 buildings, many of them 18th century cottages, within these three streets formed part of the original village.



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