An Online Choir?

During lockdown, many of us miss singing and making music. The Our Lady Of Hope Online Choir is a way that some of us can get together to sing while staying in our own homes. This is for singers and musicians. You are welcome to join at whatever level you sing. Occasionally, we may do some additional pieces for singers who sing harmonies, but mainly, this will be everyone in unison to include everyone that enjoys singing.

How it works

This is the quick version to say how it works. Full details will be given to everyone wanting to take part

  1. We provide the words and backing music for the hymn
  2. You need 2 devices such as iPad/Tablet and a smart phone or 2 phones or perhaps a computer and a phone. The phone is used to video and record your singing; the other device is used to play the music. It is best if you listen to the music with earphones or headphones but otherwise sing louder than the music!
  3. You then video yourself singing the hymn and send it to us - we'll let you know how.
  4. We then put all the videos together and create the choir like in the image below

Join In

If you would like to take part or have any questions, please contact Paul Ashton email:
We will send you the words for the hymns, a copy of the music backing track and help you with any questions you have on making your recording
Musicians can join in too
Although we are sending out a pre-recorded backing track, when we have other musicians who want to join in on whatever instrument, we can add you in to the choir. In the same way as the singers, play along with the backing track and send in your recording. Also planning further ahead, you may wish to record the main backing track
Don't want to record or can't record
Download the words and join in, as loud as you like, when we play our hymns our played on-line.

Hymns week by week

We will record and video at least one hymn each week although as we are planning ahead you may choose to sing a few at a time. The hymns are chosen that would be part of the mass for each week. Recording would need to be submitted one week before so by Sunday midnight the week before it will be played. The completed videos will be put on-line each week via our Facebook page to tie in with the mass, however, at this point at least, they cannot be played in the mass.